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Gay Girl Date Review

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Gay Girl Date is the premier online dating site for lesbians and bisexual girls from anywhere in the world. With a vast membership base of more than 90 million people and a wide range of features (all of which are high-quality and represent the absolute best we have come across in online dating of any kind), the chances of finding love, sex, affection, relationships and friendships here are better than anywhere else we have found.

As part of the Adult Friend Finder network (one of the most successful worldwide dating brands and one that has brought numerous world-famous adult dating sites to the market), we’re confident that Gay Girl Date has literally everything any veteran (or indeed, novice) online dater could possibly want.

Creating a profile with Gay Girl Date couldn’t be easier, with members only having to complete a short membership questionnaire to get their profile up and running. Unlike other sites where members are required to complete all of their profile information on signing up to the site, here they can return at a later date to update a profile and add to the information by taking a number of additional quizzes, tests and questionnaires.

Members can, for example, take a personality test and publish the results to their profile so that other members know exactly what they're like and what sort of person they are looking for. In addition, members can also take a ‘purity test’ to find out just how naughty they are (with the results also being publishable to a users’ profile).

As well as information, members can add an unlimited number of sexy photos, a voice introduction and a video message to their profiles, too. With such a wide range of different media available to add to your profile, other members have a real opportunity to get to know exactly what sort of person you are and what you’re looking for.

Interactivity is an important element to the site. Whilst you can take personality tests or post blings (small individual icons which help you to express your own style) you can also create them. This makes your profile and activity on the site much more unique and may help you to stand out from the crowd.

Similarly, as well as watching videos and listening to audio clips, you can also create your own, showing other women just what you’re about and giving a much truer impression of what you’re like in real life. It is this customization and the range of personal touches which sets the site apart from many of its competitors.

  With more than 90 million users to search through, Gay Girl Date has stepped up to the mark to provide some of the best search functions available.  

With more than 90 million users to search through, Gay Girl Date has stepped up to the mark to provide some of the best search functions available. As noted above, members can choose from basic or advanced searches and narrow results down on the basis of more than 30 different search criteria.

As well as the standard searches, Gay Girl Date also has a number of pre-determined searches that help users quickly find the perfect matches, such as members in their area, who share their interests, who are looking for sex ‘right now’ or within a certain time frame, or who possess specific skills or language capabilities, for example.

If you have a particular fetish or fantasy then the site also allows you to include this in your search so you can find likeminded women. Finally, some powerful search filters ensure that regardless of whether 100 or 1000 results are returned from your searches, it’s quick and easy to find your perfect matches without having to view each profile (unless you want to, of course!)

Once you have found a match, Gay Girl Date also provides you with a number of different ways to get in touch and take your relationship further. Members can send winks and flirts to other users to let them know that they are interested in hooking up in the future, or simply to show them that they’re interested but are a bit shy to make the first move.

You can also take the plunge by sending a message using the site’s in-house mail service. This is a way of sending messages in your own time, so there’s no rush to respond and you can mull over what you want to say carefully. Also, this system will allow you to keep your discussions private, not only from other members but also from your home email address (particularly useful if you’re using a shared computer).

Members can also enjoy one-on-one chat with other members using the instant messaging feature, or really turn up the heat by engaging in a personal video chat with them. The site also boasts a number of active discussion boards, forums, chat rooms, blogs and groups, all of which let members engage with the wider Gay Girl Date community and help introduce them to a broader group of people. This gives a real sense of community and provides a lot of different ways to engage with other women and find common interests without the need for an intense 1-on-1 straight away.

Finally, members can broadcast their own webcam on the site’s member cams page for others to see – a great way to show off how sexy you are to other users, or to spend a bit of time watching others.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of sensual browsing then you can easily check the “what’s hot” sections of the site, which allow you to quickly view the hottest photos, videos, albums and members. This is achieved by allowing users to vote or rate photos and videos (if the uploader allows it), and then collecting the best rated of them. It’s an easy way to pass time and to get to view some of the site’s most attractive members. Whilst this is a nice feature to have we did feel that the site could also include a few games, as other sites do, as a way of passing the time in between waiting for live cam sessions to start and email responses from other members.

  With Gold membership available at around $15 a month, the site offers a very reasonable pricing structure.  

Members can view the site’s galleries or check out a wide range of free XXX videos in the XXX Theatre. They can also host their own chat rooms and invite favorite members to join them, giving them the opportunity to have a great virtual session without leaving their computer.

The Activities section is very useful too, as it lists all of the status updates, new photos, profile changes, blog posts and everything else that’s happening on your friends’ profiles. Members can also use the ‘get local’ feature to get up-to-date information about everything that’s going on in your local area, including those members near you who are regularly looking for sex on a particular night of the week.

Users can also join groups to meet others who share their interests, take part in polls relating to a number of topical issues, read the site’s fantastic online magazine and read member bulletins. As if this wasn’t enough, members also have exclusive access to the Gay Girl Date Shop, where they can pick up everything from vibrators to costumes at great prices. Online dating has never been more fun!

Gay Girl Date also provides a number of features that are specifically related to ensuring the safety and comfort of its members. Firstly, members can alter the settings on a ‘content filter’ to ensure they are only exposed to the sort of material they would like to see. They can also block those whom they wouldn’t want to contact them (or even see their profile).

One of the best security features included on the site is profile and ID verification, where members can send the site evidence of details and photos included on their profile so that the site can verify that members are who they say they are. Members can then look out for the ‘Verification’ logo on other members’ profiles as evidence that those members have been checked out. Backing all of these features up is a 24/7 customer support centre that ensures that, regardless of what sort of problem they come across, they should be back up and running in no time at all!

With so many features and, of course, access to one of the biggest membership bases anywhere on the internet, you might expect membership of Gay Girl Date to break the bank. With Gold membership available at around $15 a month, the site offers a very reasonable pricing structure. What’s more, members can also opt to improve their experience on the site by adding a number of profile enhancements to their account for an additional fee (e.g. the standard contacts add-on allows free members to contact them). With such great value for money, especially compared to other sites we have reviewed in this category, we’re sure you’ll love being a member of Gay Girl Date.

As the site is part of the AdultFriendFinder family, it’s particularly aimed at women who are looking for sexual encounters, be they with another women or even a group. As such the site reflects this and includes adult images, as well as the ability to upload adult photos. Members who don’t wish to see this have the option to hide more erotic photos, and whilst the site is primarily designed around hook ups it would also act as a standard dating site if you preferred. That said, the majority of the members are likely to be using the site for its more adult content, so it’s worth bearing in mind when making any decisions as to which lesbian dating site to go for. We consequently recommend giving the free trial a whirl to help you decide.

Overall, members of Gay Girl Date have a pretty good deal. With access to one of the largest networks of online daters anywhere online, and some of the best features we have come across (and we’ve seen a lot of dating sites!), the chances of meeting the perfect match at the site is better than most. What’s more, all of this comes at a fair price. Check out Gay Girl Date today to take advantage of everything that’s on offer – we’re sure you won’t regret it!

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