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Lesbian Personals Review

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We have awarded Lesbian Personals our prestigious Silver Award in this category, having reviewed 14 Lesbian Dating Websites. Read our review below to find out why...

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LesbianPersonals.com isn’t for the faint of heart or the timid browsers out there. It is an online dating site that is devoted to helping single women find love, affection, friendship, and – as becomes apparent when you log on – sex with other singles or couples. As well as a good range of features intended to help make your whole online dating experience more fun and more successful, LesbianPersonals.com has one of the biggest membership bases of all of the sites we have reviewed.

With millions of women actively looking for hook-ups and more on LesbianPersonals.com, we're sure that you're likely to find what you're looking for on the site. What's more, members can set up on the site for free as a 'basic' member to experience a little of what the site has to offer, and then upgrade to a premium membership at a later date if LesbianPersonals.com offers exactly what you're looking for.

As we’ve already pointed out, the site airs more towards the sexual side of relationships than many others. As such a number of the photos, which can be viewed by all users, are fairly explicit. This sets the tone and intention of the site, and whilst it’s still very possible to engage with people who are looking to take things more slowly and to set up a long lasting relationship, LesbianPersonals is more likely to attract women who are looking for hook ups.

If this is what you’re looking for then there are plenty of features to help get you in the mood, including live action cam rooms in which you can broadcast yourself or watch other women strut their stuff. You can also create private photo folders for certain other members to view at your discretion, or take part in adult chats in an instant messenger chat room.

Setting up a profile is extremely easy, and takes only a few minutes. Once you have established your basic profile you can spend as much or as little time as you like customizing your profile so that it accurately reflects your personality. With more than 30 customizable options, and the ability to add a range of media to your profile, we were extremely impressed by what LesbianPersonals.com has to offer. Aside from the traditional photo profiles that are offered on most sites, this one offers users the opportunity to add videos and voice greetings to your profile to make them a little more exciting.

We were really impressed by this feature, as it feels like LesbianPersonals.com have genuinely thought about how best to make the site an innovative and successful tool for online dating. Aside from simply hosting video and voice messages on your profile you can also send video and voice messages on to other users in response to their emails or to let them know that you have viewed their profile and would like to introduce yourself!

With so many active members on LesbianPersonals.com, it's important that the site has an effective and efficient search tool to allow users to find the perfect hook-up. LesbianPersonals doesn't let us down here either; in the first instance, the site splits up members by country and state (and then city), allowing users to view all members that are within a particular geographical area. This is an excellent feature, as not only does it make it easier for users to find members in their local area, they can also examine how many members are active in their area before they join the site (thus allowing prospective members to work out whether Gold membership is right for them).

The advanced search options are excellent, giving users the opportunity to search by a myriad of different search criteria and to filter search results on the basis of additional criteria. Users can also save searches so that they can return to them at a later date, viewing updated results. A search for 'Brunettes in New York City' may return different results month to month, so this option allows you to keep abreast of changes in the site's membership over time. Overall, searches using LesbianPersonals.com can be as simple or as complex as you like, and we were pretty impressed by how easy it all was to use.

If you’re interested in particular fetishes and turn-ons then the site also offers a search tool to facilitate this, even for basic members. As such you can find other women who are interested in specific eroticisms and fantasies, cross dressing, bondage and more. You can also specify the age range you’re interested in so that you won’t end up sifting through pages of women who are not really what you want.

Once you've found a woman (or three) to tickle your fancy then it’s easy to make contact with them. Members can make use of a complement of communications features, including in-site email, instant messaging, chat rooms and more to let other users know they might be interested.

The instant messaging feature on LesbianPersonals is one of the best we have come across, and aside from all of the standard features you would expect from services like MSN, AIM, YIM and GChat, the LesbianPersonals IM service offers premium users the opportunity to send 'premium smilies' of a flirtatious or sexy nature, which may help to spice things up a little.

If you don't always want to log on to the site in order to chat with other members (perhaps for privacy reasons), LesbianPersonals offers users the opportunity to exchange their personal IM addresses (AIM, YIM, GChat, MSN etc.) with each other, whilst at the same time protecting their privacy by hiding this information from other users.

Users can also manage their interactions with others by maintaining a hotlist (of users you're interested in), a friends list (of users you have already made contact with) and a block-list (of users you don't wish to be able to see your profile or any personal information about you). Finally, users can contact any other member (whether they are online or not) using the in-site email service and contact directory.

Another important element of membership of LesbianPersonals.com is the feeling of community that is present on the site. Given our experience in reviewing sites of this kind, this community feel is often something that sets sites apart from the competition. LesbianPersonals is no different in this respect, providing users with a range of useful features to help integrate them into the site's online community.

Users can take part in blogs, public chat rooms, private chat rooms, groups and an online magazine in order to make them feel part of the site and to introduce them to new people whom they may not have thought about contacting in the regular manner. We were impressed not only by the extent of features available on LesbianPersonals, but also the sheer level of user activity that is present on the site.

LesbianPersonals.com also provides a range of features intended to improve the success rate of users looking for dates, hookups and more online. The 'Cupid Matching Service' is a facility that is used on other successful dating sites and allows users to be automatically matched with others based on their responses to specific questions and the information featured on their  profiles. Whilst the service may not always provide the sort of match that will result in a meaningful connection, it can certainly create a talking point that could introduce you to new people.

Similarly, a personality matching service allows users to construct and take part in personality questionnaires that help to match them on the basis of their personality attributes. All of these services provide an exciting alternative to the traditional method of finding potential hookups on online dating sites, and help to make the process more interesting.

The site has recently lowered its subscription prices which makes it pretty good value for anyone hoping to take out a Gold membership. They’ve done away with their silver membership so that any subscribing member gets the full advantages of upgrading. Consequently you now receive the gold membership standard for around the same price that the silver membership used to cost, so it’s a win-win situation.  

Given the growth of online dating, it is unsurprising that concerns exist regarding the privacy and safety of users (and their personal information) online. As such, we rate sites based on their commitment to providing services and facilities that help to protect users online. LesbianPersonals provides a number of such facilities intended to make its users feel safer online.

Aside from the capacity to block users whom you do not wish to see your details, and filter the information that is published online on your profile, LesbianPersonals also makes use of the advanced 'ConfirmID' service. This service allows users to submit evidence of their identity and physical appearance, so as to confirm details held on their profile. Where users have done so, you can be sure that they are who they say they are, making online dating that little bit more secure.

At $15 per month for Gold membership, we were impressed by the value for money offered by LesbianPersonals. Whilst there are undoubtedly more members that are actively using some of the larger adult dating sites (such as AdultFriendFinder.com), sites such as LesbianPersonals.com which are devoted to dating and hook-up opportunities for gay women and couples provide great opportunities outside of the main adult dating websites.

All in all, the site provides a range of facilities, with millions of members to choose from, for a very reasonable price. With free standard membership available for users wishing to try out what LesbianPersonals has to offer, we're sure that the site provides a great opportunity to make meaningful connections with other women, throughout the world. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, hit the link below to check out what the site has to offer and start dating now!

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