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3 Mistakes New Members Make on Lesbian Dating Sites

Becoming a member on a lesbian dating site can be a really exciting experience. New faces, new women to chat to and meet up with, a whole plethora of potential dates waiting for you! However, there are a few basic mistakes that we see new members making quite regularly, so here are some simple suggestions to help you avoid them…


1: Moving too quickly or slowly

Deciding whether or not to approach another woman online can be a mystifying process. It can be tempting to dive right in and message everyone who ticks your boxes, or to bide your time and see what your options are. There are potential risks with each of those time spans: if you rush in, you may find that you’re chatting to dozens of women at once, leaving you with relatively few options later on if your chat time is spread too thinly. In addition, you may not take a decent amount of time to get to know someone properly before deciding to meet up. Trust us, doing a little homework and chatting to a potential date could save you a lot of time and money in bad dates in the future.

The other problem we see is that some women are just too nervous about approaching other members. They wait and wait (and wait!) for someone to get in touch with them, potentially because they’re worried about rejection. Of course, take your own time and only get in touch when you feel comfortable, but remember: if you wait too long, they may already have found dates elsewhere. Most people like the compliment of having another member approach them, so don’t worry too much.


2: The wrong package

New members usually start out with a free account, or a short trial offer. This is great because it allows you to explore the site and perform searches to find your ideal dates. However, trial periods are normally very limited in terms of being able to actually chat to members. So, many new members decide to upgrade their account to a paid service which allows them to make contact with single women on their dating site of choice. We understand the impulse to save money, but sometimes the cheaper option isn’t necessarily the right one. Read the descriptions of each membership package properly, to fully understand what they are offering. Paying a few dollars more per month may mean you get a lot more attention, and can communicate more easily. A more premium package might even save you money on a month-per-month basis, even though the final cost is higher than the low-end alternatives.


3: Giving out personal details

Giving out your personal details, such as a contact number or email address, is generally a bad idea, particularly if they’re on your profile page. This means anyone could get in touch with you, and who knows you could be hounded by. Some sites also allow free trials in which you can use a live chat feature, and it’s been known for new members to hand out their details to women they’re interested in. The problem with this is that it’s likely you haven’t spent enough time getting to know these women, and so handing out your private number or email address could be a big mistake. Some sites ban you from sharing such information in private messages or chats, partly to make sure you keep using their site, but also because they have your safety in mind.


The lowdown…

New members may try to save a buck or two by paying for a cheaper package, or simply handing out their number to any woman they’re interested in dating. However, this comes with potential risks and could cost you more money (and sanity) than you bargained for. Whilst it’s best to use lesbian dating sites on your own terms – messaging members when you feel comfortable doing so – we recommend taking a little extra time to chat with potential dates before deciding to meet up or share your personal contact details.

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