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5 Problems Faced by New Members on Lesbian Dating Websites

If you’re new to lesbian dating websites, you might be surprised by how much attention you receive. New members often arouse a lot of interest, and older members can sometimes race to get in touch with you. However, there are a few things to watch out for when you first join, as sometimes not everything is as it seems, or you may find yourself falling into familiar traps…


1: Instant attention

Everyone loves a bit of positive attention, and no more so than if you’re new to a dating site. However, you may find that you’re receiving a lot of attention (messages, likes and so on) before you’ve even finished building your profile. In our experience, it’s good to be wary of messages which promise the world (hook-ups and immediate sex talk) in the early stages of creating an account. These can sometimes be bots or profiles which have been set up to entice new members into joining other sites, or parting with money to see adult content. Of course, it’s possible that real members just take an instant interest in you, but we recommend a little caution to start with.


2: Restricted response / communication tools

Free trials allow you to browse profiles and sometimes even send a message or two. However, you may find that your ability to respond to messages is restricted until you upgrade your account or pay per message. Communication tools can be blocked off until you pay for full membership, and even then you may find an additional charge if you want certain members (often free members) to respond to your messages. Make sure you fully understand how the payment systems work, and whether you’ll incur further costs once you’ve upgraded your account.


3: Men

Despite clearly being labelled a Lesbian Dating Website, some men will still try their luck. This may be because the site is joined to others which aren’t women-only (so men visit the various sister sites to see what’s available) or just enjoy looking around lesbian dating sites, potentially to annoy the women using them. If you ever feel a member is being disrespectful or annoying, contact the site’s customer services team to report that member. You might also be able to “blacklist” another member to prevent them from being able to communicate with you at all.


4: Local droughts

Some women may find that their geographical area is a bit lacking when it comes to potential lesbian dates. Whilst the internet may alleviate a lesbian drought somewhat, it’s no guarantee that all the gay women in your area will suddenly be available on the dating site you’ve chosen to use. If you’re still finding it hard to find like-minded women in your area, try expanding your geographical range in your search parameters, or maybe even suggest that you’re willing to engage in travel, or a long-term relationship, on your profile page.


5: The wrong site for you

Sometimes a site just might not be the right one for you. You’ll find lesbian dating sites specifically designed for butch, lipstick, sport dyke and more, so if you’re really keen to find a woman who might fit into one of those categories, check your lesbian dating site options. Other sites are more general and will allow you to search for all sorts of women based on a wide number of parameters, which might also be more suitable. You can even find lesbian dating sites which focus on your nearest city, or perhaps a site which offers webcam options, forums or other features which you’d like to explore.


The lowdown…

Doing a little research into a few lesbian dating sites is a great idea, before you choose to pay for membership. Sites can vary quite a lot in terms of their sexual focuses, membership numbers and features, so if a particular kind of woman or communication tool is important to you, seek out a site which supports those options. If you’re finding a site too limiting, or filled with annoying members, you may wish to look elsewhere.

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