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5 Things to Avoid when Looking for a Lesbian Dating Website

There are plenty of lesbian dating websites to choose from, but which one will be ideal for you? You may not know fully until you give them a try (we recommend using their “free trials”, although make sure you don’t get caught paying for membership once the trial expires). There are also a few things to look out for, which will help you to avoid potential scams or irritations when trying to find lesbian dates online. So, here are some of our top suggestions for things to avoid when looking for a lesbian dating site…


1: Millions of members tricks

Whilst it’s true that some sites have millions of members, this also means that they may have a lot of false profiles. A lot of members may have joined but abandoned their profile, so you’ll never hear from them (check when they were last online, this is a good way to see if they’re active or not) or there may be profiles set up by professionals who want to sell you photos, videos or chat time with them. Whilst most members are probably genuine, it’s good to be aware of potential false profiles or anyone who might be interested in your personal details (particularly bank details).


2: Premature instant messages

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been setting up a profile page, only to receive messages from hot women who’ve found us irresistible. We’re not bragging, we promise! Actually, we’re highly suspicious of these messages, because we hadn’t even uploaded photos or much information to our profile pages yet. Why would these women be interested in us, without any information or images to base their lust on? As we mentioned above, some people (or bots) will approach you in an attempt to get you to buy things from them or even sign up for another site – be wary!


3: Lesbian-unfriendly sites

This might seem bizarre, but not every apparently-LGBT dating site will be particularly lesbian friendly .They may be better set up for gay guys, or couples looking to hook-up. Their focus on lesbian relationships may be quite limited, so you may wish to explore your options elsewhere. It’s also worth checking out forums and performing searches for “lesbian only” members to find out how many same-sex options you’ll really have, as well as the kinds of conversations they’re having in groups. That said, sites which specify they’re exclusively for women, are usually a safe bet.


4: No blacklisting options

There may come a time when you meet members who particularly like or dislike you, and you’d rather not hear from them. ‘Blacklisting’ features will allow you to prevent communications from these people, and not have to see them in your search results. This can also be useful for irritating individuals with fake profiles, or simply if you’re not interested in certain members. We advise checking whether a site offers blacklisting options before you register and pay for membership. If you’re not sure, contact the customer care team for more information. Either way, you should be able to report inappropriate behaviour to the customer services team.


5: Hidden costs

Prices may not always be as they appear. Sometimes you’ll actually save money in the long-run if you pay for more expensive membership packages which include all the site’s features. Cheaper sites may charge per message, or require you to pay for another member to message you back. Accessing videos or other features might also incur an additional fee, so we recommend considering your options carefully, and finding payment clear payment information in advance. That said, some sites may genuinely be free or low-cost, it just depends on which you choose to join.


The lowdown…

Making sure a site is lesbian-focussed may be really important when looking for a date, but it’s also important to keep your wits about you when it comes to random messages. Sites may offer details on potential scammers, and what to do if you encounter one. The best lesbian dating sites will keep a careful eye out for scams on your behalf, but some may charge more than you first expect, so it’s wise to stay sharp. All of that said, reputable sites should be trustworthy and fun places, so have fun – and good luck!

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