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5 Tips for Improving Your Search Results on Lesbian Dating Sites

If you’re hoping to meet like-minded single women on a lesbian dating site, you ought to become familiar with the variety of search options available to you. A dating site’s search engine allows you to locate women based on a wide range of physical, social, sexual and other preferences, but a lot of members don’t really take full advantage of the search options available. As such, we’ve a few suggestions to help you get the most out of your lesbian dating website searches…


1: Be picky to begin with

When you first start out, you can easily be inundated with potential date matches. But you’re new to the site, you can take your time and there’s no need to spend hours and hours trawling through every profile. Be picky to begin with, pick features (hair colour, hobbies, sexual preferences and so on) which really resonate with you. You will get fewer results in your searches, but you’ll also eliminate a lot of women who you may not be so interested in meeting.


2: Expand your circle

Once you’ve performed a few specific searches and chatted to a few potential dates, it might be worth expanding your circle. By this, we mean that you could include a few preferences that you enjoy or wish to explore, or you might even decide to include other geographical areas. Even if you’re not willing to travel, some other members might be more than happy to take a trip to see you. This could vastly improve the number of hits you get in a search.


3: Check filters and advanced search options

A lot of women simply complete their profile, pick their date preferences, and then never go back to change them or look at the advanced options which are available. This is a mistake because they may be missing out on some really useful choices and filters. For example, you can prevent butch or lipstick profiles from popping up. Or you can seek out dates who are looking for serious relationships, if you’d rather not hear from members who are only looking for flings.


4: Singles, couples, groups

If you’re only hoping to meet a single girl, you should be able to specify this in your profile. Therefore, couples and groups should leave you alone. In contrast, if you’re open to couples or groups, you may be able to choose this as an option, and the site will put you in touch with like-minded members. If you’re part of a couple looking for sexual experiences, you should make sure to build a profile which represents both of your preferences, rather than just the sexual interests of one of you, otherwise things could become a bit complex…


5: Photos versus no-photos profiles

As a basic rule, you’ll receive more messages from members if you upload photos. That said, some members do actively seek members who don’t have photos. So, there are benefits to both approaches. Some members may be hesitant to upload photos in case people recognise them (a worry for some, especially if they’re not “out” or don’t want certain people to find them). Of course, you can upload photos without your face, or you may be able to create private photo albums which members can only view once you’ve given them your permission. Either way, uploading images is likely to help you meet other members, because a lot of members will click “only show profiles with photos” in their search options.


The lowdown…

It’s quick and easy to improve your search results on lesbian dating websites. Being specific about the things that are important to you, and open to possible variations in other areas, is a good basic rule to make sure you’re finding potential dates. You might also wish to look for members who have private photo collections, or who haven’t uploaded a photo, if you’re more interested in finding a date who’s less interested in finding dates based on their looks. There’s no magic formula here, though, other than trying and testing out your options and sticking to what you most enjoy.

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