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5 Ways to Meet Your Ideal Partner on Lesbian Dating Sites

The beautiful thing about lesbian dating sites is that they allow you to meet amazing women from all over the world. Whether you’re looking for lipstick, chapstick, butch or sport dyke, there’s a single woman out there who will suit your preferences. But a lot of gay women can struggle to find a date online, so we’ve a few top tips to help you find your ideal date…


1: Wildcards

Whilst it can be useful to ‘stick to what you like’, sometimes it’s worth trying something a little different now and again. Lesbian dating websites often offer features which will put you in touch with women you might normally have ignored. There are matching games, psychological quizzes to take, or you can simply search for women in your area, without choosing any specific preferences (such as hair colour, ethnicity and so on). Sometimes, taking a chance and looking outside your sphere of comfort can really pay off!


2: Forums and blogs

Aside from browsing profiles, we really recommend checking out the forums and blogs on a dating site. Here, you’ll find all sorts of engaging conversations on women’s sexual preferences, hobbies, opinions, fashions, dating locations and more. If you get involved, you may speak to plenty of attractive gay women who might not have seen your profile in their search results. You also have something in common, if you do start a private chat!


3: Browse, direct message

Probably the simplest way to get in touch with other women is to send them a direct message. Simply browse profiles and click on those who seem interesting to you. The benefit of browsing, rather than searching, is that you will see all the members who are available, rather than just those who meet your dating requirements (as established when you set up your profile page or when you perform a search). Who knows, your ideal date might be someone you would never have expected to fall for.


4: Varied searches

Switching up your search preferences is a great idea, because it means you won’t always receive the same results. Being specific when searching for women can be good when you first start out (because you probably don’t want thousands of results to trawl through) but after some time you may wish to expand your boundaries slightly. A small change (such as not specifying a hair color) can make a big difference on the number of results you receive.


5: Hook-up features

Lesbian dating sites sometimes provide “hook up” options for members to try out. Usually, these involve matching you with people who are keen to have sexual encounters, often within the near future. Some search options might also allow you to include (or ignore) members who are looking for a bit of under-the-sheets fun. Check out forums, blog posts and events calendars, too, as you may find items for women who are looking to hook-up.


The lowdown…

Exploring the various features and search options on your lesbian dating site is a great way to find more women to date. Whilst it can be useful to start off slowly, being relatively picky about who you’d like to meet (mainly so you’re not overwhelmed by the number of women in your search results), it can be really beneficial to be more inclusive after some time. This will increase the size of your pool, and you may even find quite a few attractive single women to date, who you’d never have anticipated when you started out. Good luck!

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